Can not really fake: Photoshop REAL

Adobe Photoshop has been published for 25 years, earlier versions of Adobe Photoshop 1.0 was also open source code, did not expect to actually function examination spring of Photoshop from execution phase after 25 years of people! Since the test execution phase of people not only have Photoshop 1.0, Adobe today by the Japanese branch of "unilateral" published in Photoshop REAL test since I like you, but the release date has only April 1 of this year, missed a friend certainly "no boat ride after Suzhou!"

Adobe Photoshop REAL boxed not impose any site and download the software installation CD, and the latest "virtual reality" technology, the Photoshop magic once brought five, including hemp, dropper, eraser, magnifying glass, tape, and two representatives of Layer with different scenarios, the function of each tool are independently, called the execution phase boundary "seven weapons"!

The new Photoshop REAL supports all operating systems, and there is no restriction on the hardware specifications, simply apply different layers Layer on different subject and the background when in use, and then use the included tools to optimize the image. If more than one execution phase tool also can not help it, we also can use the box with the included Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe website to download a trial version of Photoshop CC will be able to correspond to all the images on the problem.