Canon force to regain lost ground! EOS M3 new machine speed test

Canon's second-generation anti-camera EOS M2 late, in January this year, only to Hong Kong, Hong Kong would be upset with a family feel. In February of CP + Canon announced the third-generation anti, EOS M3 immediately on sale in Japan shortly after also to Hong Kong, coupled with the body, function has obviously changed. Check out our demo in hand and correspondent conference, in the end this Canon sincerity can do to impress you?

Feeling this new EOS M3 in appearance to the refreshing, the most obvious is to add a handle grip when it is more stable. Although the thickness of the handle so that the body increase, but not much affect the overall mobility. Top shutter key to move to the top of the handle, the top have more space to accommodate a new exposure compensation dial, but also by changes in the mode dial, this can be set directly P / A / S / M mode, do not enter menu, closer to high-order Prosumer SLR camera or operation.

Turn the machine back, you can see a 3-inch 1,040,000 dot LCD, support for touch operation. However, different from the previous generation, this time using overturn design, can be up 180 ° or 45 ° downward adjustment for self-portraits or for high and low angle shooting. The users can also purchase an external electronic viewfinder EVF-DC1, provide greater flexibility.

Upgrading from EOS M to EOS M2, honest upgrades few places, but this time you can see Canon EOS M3 greater sincerity, the first sensor for the new 24.2 megapixel CMOS, pixel has improved, and the image Processors also updated to the DIGIC 6. Test shots can be seen in the quality performance of the new machine has the appropriate level, there are plenty of low-resolution photographic setting force, while the sensitivity to ISO has not pushed poor 1600 performance, not because of a large amount of pixels increases noise.