Grass shrimp cream


Grass shrimp 200 grams
Onions 15 grams
10 grams of garlic


2 tablespoons butter
1/4 teaspoon salt


  1. Wash the shrimp, cut long beard, after the spikes to intestinal mud, cut with scissors from the shrimp back (to a depth of about 1/3), drain the water reserve.
  2. chopped onion and garlic and set aside.
  3. Take a pan, heat the oil to about 180 ℃, the lower grass shrimp pan fried for about 30 seconds to crisp the skin to pot and drain.
  The other from a frying pan, add the cream after a hot pan to the hot end of the small fragrant onion, minced garlic, then add shrimp and salt three practices to the fire quickly stir evenly.