In response to the exchange rate, even all Leica Sale!

Followed by the US dollar, Hong Kong dollar recently equally strong, in addition to the popular Hong Kong to Japan, Europe and other places to travel more "fun" than, think and even has distinguished Leica lens has therefore lower prices. Acting in response to changes in the exchange rate of Hong Kong, the latest one breath to four new generation of Summarit-M f / 2.4 aperture lenses priced lower, respectively, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 90mm focal length. Sale multivessel lenses are around 2,000, which Youyi portrait focal Summarit-M 90 mm f / 2.4 maximum decline, reduced by HK $ 19,100 HK $ 16,600, all of a sudden the price HK $ 2,500. It is worth mentioning that four shots had increased from silver and black versions of the same pricing to separate the two prices, while silver version which Youyi higher price than the black version, with wide-angle SUMMARIT-M 35 mm f / 2.4 ASPH. To example, the latest version will be priced silver and black, respectively, for HK $ 16,800 and HK $ 15,700 (original price HK $ 18,100). Anyway, Leica users many of them are non-rich that you may not be so much about lenses Sale or not, but as with the family, they would not mind if you can buy a little flat heart right.