Is both a portrait Macro: Lensbaby Velvet 56mm f / 1.6

For the lens, many people are required to sharp and high contrast should be sufficient, but if true, then each shot, photography is a lot less fun. Lensbaby lens is precisely not a general, but more emphasis on feeling, the factory has introduced a latest Velvet 56mm f / 1.6 lens new, selling one crafty are different have different effects, the use of large-aperture f / 1.6 in, Velvet 56mm f / 1.6 is not just a good portrait lens, the lens also provides 1: 2 magnification, allowing users a dual mirror.

Velvet 56mm f / 1.6 135 may correspond to full-frame format, offers Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony A, Pentax K, and no anti M4 / 3, E-Mount, NX, X-Mount version of the very traditional style metal lens barrel and full manual operation, and in addition to the general body of the black version, Lensbaby has additionally launched a "Velvet SE" Silver Special Edition, but the latter is priced on a full $ 100 more expensive. Factory explanation named "Velvet" originally meant "velvety" mellow and soft, large aperture of the lens is not only soft image, will also have a halo effect, but in a smaller and aperture, sharpness will immediately increase, indeed quite a character. Velvet 56mm f / 1.6 is expected to be launched April 13, Velvet Velvet SE edition and special edition priced at 499.95 and $ 599.95 (about HK $ 3,875 and HK $ 4,651), in order to meet the price is concerned, is enough to start a factory 50mm f / 1.4 standard or 85mm f1.8 portrait lens, it is worthwhile really a matter of opinion.

Velvet 56mm f / 1.6 features:

Aperture of f / 1.6-f / 16
Providing 1: 2 magnification
Use 62mm filters
Corresponding to 135 full-frame format
Weighing about 400g