Kahlua Cheesecake


500 grams of cream cheese
135 grams of fine sugar
5 whole eggs
Animal cream 30 grams
Bittersweet chocolate 75 grams
KAHLUA wine 45 grams of coffee
Biscuit bottom right amount
The right amount of chocolate sauce


 1. After the cream cheese, sugar into the container to play soft, then add the egg and mix well and set aside.
 2. Animal whipped cream and cook until boiling heat and set aside.
 3. Place the bittersweet chocolate to boil water heating melts the way, into the practice of animal cream mix 2, then add 1. Mix together the material practice.
 4. The KAHLUA coffee liquor is added in the material practice 3 mix, namely cheese batter.
 5. Cake before brushing on the inside with a thin layer of oil, spread on the bottom of the first layer of biscuits, then pour the batter cheese full height to 8 minutes.
 6. Pour the right amount of cold water in the pan, the cake along with practice on baking sheet 5, into the preheated oven fire above 170 ℃, under fire 170 ℃ bake for about 40 minutes after color, the upper and lower Go to 150 ℃ fire change adjourned baked bake about 50 minutes.
 7. Finally, in order to fit the chocolate sauce (weight outside) on the surface of the cake practice 6 decorative pattern can be drawn.