Marble Cheesecake3


600 grams of cream cheese
150 grams of fine sugar
4 eggs
Orange juice 30 grams
Biscuit bottom right amount
The right amount of chocolate sauce


  1. After the cream cheese, sugar into the container together to play soft, then add the egg and orange juice mix, namely cheese batter.
  2. Apply a layer of cake in the thin oil, the first layer of biscuit cake shop in the ground floor, and then the cheese in the batter into the cake pan full height to 8 minutes.
  3. An appropriate amount of cold water into the pan after, the practice cake pan 2 on top, above the fire 170 ℃, under fire 170 ℃, roast color after about 40 minutes, shut down the fire to 150 ℃ then continued bake 50 minutes, and finally to the chocolate sauce on the surface of the cake can draw a decorative pattern.