Mint muffins


141 grams of butter
128 grams of powdered sugar
204 grams of whole egg
256 grams flour
8 grams baking powder
50 grams of milk
13 grams of chopped fresh mint leaves


  1. Place the butter slices at room temperature to soften put into the mixing bowl, add sifted powdered sugar in a slow stir to a good white color, larger volume and villous.
  2. Gradually add the whole eggs practice 1, mix until completely absorbed.
  3. Place the flour and baking powder sifted join practice 2, after a slow stir into powdery no change in speed and stir until evenly, then add milk and fresh sequentially crushed mint leaves and mix into the batter.
  4. The practice of three flower bag into the crowd, squeeze Molded to eight full, in preheated oven fire above 190 ℃, 170 ℃ baking under fire after about 25 minutes out of the box.