Mulberry chiffon cake


117 grams flour
4 grams baking powder
0.5 grams of cream of tartar
A59 grams caster sugar
1 gram of salt
Salad 59㏄
59 grams of egg yolk
Milk 59㏄
117 grams of protein
Granulated sugar grams b70
Mulberry jam right amount


  1. Place the flour, baking powder, cream of tartar sift together.
  2. Place the salad oil, egg yolks, mix together milk, add sugar and salt together until no granular mix, then add all the flour mix to practice one's smooth flow of detailed and there.
  3. The protein with caster sugar and beat until mixed together b dry foam standby state.
  4. Mix together the two approaches and practices have been marinated batter protein paste 3.
  5. 4. Pour batter practices amount to about 1/3 of the mold, adding the right amount of mulberry jam, then pour the batter is flush with the mold mouth, repeat this action until the completion of material, in preheated oven more than fire 180 ℃, under fire 160 ℃, bake for about 30 minutes to complete.