Onion Soup


1 onion
3 small pieces of French bread
1 tablespoon butter
Cattle stock 500cc
2 small pieces of cheese slices


  1 onion cut filaments alternate.
  2. French bread cut into 1 cm pellets, into the roasting pan over low heat dry spare.
  3. Take a pan, the butter into the pot to simmer until melted to a low heat and stir until onion practice fried coke yellow.
  4. Place the broth into the practices of cattle pot 2, first to the fire to boil, turn simmer 20 minutes, then pour the soup cup roasted resistance, put slices of cheddar cheese, onion soup is the semi-finished products.
  5. Preheat oven to 180 ℃, the practice of four semi-onion soup into oven and bake 10 minutes until melted cheddar cheese, then sprinkle with bread on the table to practice 2 tablets.