Soft green tea cake

Cake material:

Low-gluten flour 50 G
Green tea powder 2 G
Milk 10 G
Coconut oil 14 G
Milk 50 G
2 egg yolks
Olive oil 30 G
Sugar 30 G
Green tea oil 1 G
The right amount of chocolate pieces
Cream Ingredients:

Protein 2
Sugar 30 G

Cream practice:

1. Remove the protein (not a little egg yolk)
2, the protein blisters, then add the first sugar (granulated sugar 4 times to join), they start to continue whipped
3, repeat the above action until the sugar into a whole, should be like after the completion of the following figure, to have a spoon can stand aside
4, the material into the cake pan
     (Sequence: egg yolk, milk, coconut oil, olive oil, sugar, flour, milk powder, green tea powder, green tea oil)
(To Sift flour and milk)
5. Slowly stir into a paste should improve after
6, can be placed in three installments in advance whipped cream into it, stirring until complete

7. Pour the cake muffin cups pulp inside
8, on the surface into the chocolate tablets
9. Preheat the oven to 150 degrees 10 minutes (up and down the hotline)
10, the cups into the oven, bake at 150 degrees for 15 minutes, then remove the oven 5 minutes after stopping, etc., will be completed