Stout cheesecake


500 grams of cream cheese
4 egg yolks
25 grams of corn flour
Bittersweet chocolate 50 grams
Animal cream 50 grams
100 grams of dark beer
Protein 4
125 grams of fine sugar
Sweet two 8-inch pie


 1. Place the cream cheese with water heating e way to simmer after the soft, gradually add egg yolk, sift together the cornmeal mix spare.
 2. The animal milk heated to boiling oil into the spare container.
 3. water heating bittersweet chocolate melted, then add material mix practices 2, then add a material mix practices, and finally coupled with stout.
 4. After the protein, sugar together into a container and sent to the wet foam, pour the material mix together in practice three, namely cheese batter.
 5. Apply a layer cake in the thin oil, the first sweet pie hole pierced several fine after, holes in the bottom of cake pan and into the fire oven above 180 ℃, under fire 180 ℃ bake for about 15 minutes so sweet pie presents semi state.
 6. Pour the batter into the practice of cheese pie sweet cake of about 5 to 8 minutes full height.
 7. Pour the right amount of cold water in the pan, place on baking sheet will approach 6, into the preheated oven fire above 160 ℃, under fire 180 ℃, bake for about 35 minutes then baked.
 8. freshly baked into the cake in the refrigerator, to be stripping can decorate with your favorite fruit.