This is Sony Supporter octopus photographer!

Octopus is a pretty amazing animals, many people feel that the octopus is full of wisdom, as long as the training acquired to pay more, it can do it too difficult moves, is comparable to some of the primates. And Sony New Zealand will donate a Cyber-shot DSC-TX30 four anti-camera to a local Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium Aquarium, in addition to Sony's four anti-camera show a few "bar closed", but also wake up to the public concerns about the wisdom of this high-octopus creature.

Although Sony TX30 is already a can "dive" in four anti-camera, but in order to be able to make this work smoothly octopus photographer Rambo, especially for TX30 plus plastic aquarium stand, so the camera can shoot a long time in the water, And the camera's shutter from a duct connected to something like, let octopus photographer Rambo's "hand hands feet," you can press the shutter button to shoot the aquarium guests.

We want to shoot Rambo is also very simple, each visitor needs "Lesson of gold" US $ 2 that can stand in front of a unique backdrop to let octopus photographer. Each visitor donated US $ 2 will be directly used for operational purposes on the aquarium, indirectly helping other marine creatures.