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Nikon D7200 upgrade good candidate?

Before buying a new machine, most everyone will be judged worthy to product specifications or not worth it, but the size and whether it reflects the strength of the product can be 100% of it? For example, went on sale earlier in the Nikon D7200 digital SLR, from the specification D7100 seems not much different from the previous generation, thought the reaction would be quieter, but the clerk said D7200 popular than imagined. It seems most concerned with the family, or in the shop in the new machine to get started playing with real feeling, rather than mere size paper. Moreover D7200 fuselage net price HK $ 9,480, body and even 18-140mm lens priced HK $ 11,980 lower than the D5500 actually locate your only little, entry-SLR users want to upgrade, more powerful D7200 is really hot choice.

Zomm few more mm︰Tokina AT-X 11-20mm f / 2.8 PRO DX ultra-wide

We have just discussed with Nikon's APS-C DSLR, for everyone to talk about the topic immediately APS-C lenses. This Tokina AT-X 11-20mm f / 2.8 PRO DX is the AT-X 116 PRO DX II AF continues 11-16mm f / 2.8, and the telephoto end more than 4mm, increase the flexibility of the composition is also a very small market designed for APS-C constant f / 2.8 aperture ultra-wide-angle lens. However, unlike the clerk refers to the lens body, the relatively low users "chasing the new" The desire to get the attention of new mirror is not very high, and the test report will be a lot different when the media came out before deciding to start.