Vanilla Cheese Pudding Cake


A. 200 grams of cream cheese
150 grams unsalted butter
210 grams of milk
2 egg yolks
Granulated sugar 40 grams
5 grams of vanilla extract
30 grams of corn flour
20 grams flour
B. Protein 4
Granulated sugar 85 grams
5 grams of lemon juice


1. Place the cream cheese, unsalted butter, milk placed in a container with water heating along the way to a soft simmer spare.
2. After the egg yolks, sugar and vanilla extract into the container and mix well, then add flour, corn flour and mix well sifted, into the practices of a Stir.
3. The pass protein material B, sugar, lemon juice together to wet foam, pour 2 is the practice in the mix cheese batter.
4. Remove the baking cup mold and apply a thin layer of oil in a cup, pour the batter into the cheese full height to 8 minutes.
5. Pour the right amount of cold water in the pan, the practice of baking cups on baking sheet on top of 4 into the preheated oven, or more fire 160 ℃, under fire 160 ℃ bake for about 20 to 25 minutes.