Miso beef roast


150 grams of beef sirloin
20 grams of peanuts
Miso pickled sauce 90 grams
1 egg

[Pickled material]

Pinch of salt
The right amount of black pepper
The right amount of olive oil


1. sirloin beef, cut into bite-size pieces and sprinkle a little salt, pepper and olive oil together grasp uniform pickled for about 15 minutes to spare.
2. peanut chopped back.
3. After all painted white miso paste material mixed with water heating manner and then it was stirred until thick like, turn off and let cool.
4. Place the chopped peanuts into practice practice 2 3 mixed mix.
Sirloin beef practice 1. 5. Put oven bake for about seven cooked, it will approach 4 miso sauce coated evenly coated, then into the oven to 180 ℃ barbecue supremacy of color can be.