Pineapple Bacon pizza


250 g flour
20 g sugar
Salt 4 g
Olive oil 20 g
5 g yeast
40 g Roux Roux practice
Milk 100 g

Bacon 3
Cheese 5
Ketchup 10 g


1, the first seed and fresh soup added to the toaster, then add the flour,
And sugar, salt and olive oil were placed at the four corners,
Finally, the yeast should be placed central,

Press the select function 8 (pasta production), and then start, about 25 minutes.

2, cigarette meat, cut square type, PINEAPPLE cut into small pieces alternate

3. Remove the dough is pressed into round-shaped iron plate

4, the surface coated with ketchup

5, add the bacon and PINEAPPLE surface

6, the last of the cheese on the surface

7, preheat oven to 150 degrees 10 minutes

8. Bake in the preheated oven PIZZA 150 degrees 20 minutes will be completed