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Peanut Nuomici

     Glutinous rice flour 120 g
     Stick rice 12 g
       20 g cornstarch
      40 grams sugar
      Coconut Milk 200 ml
      Fresh Milk 100 ml
      1/8 teaspoon fine salt
      The right amount of vegetable oil
      Cooked glutinous rice powder amount

      100 grams of cooked chopped peanuts
      20 grams sugar
      10 grams of black sesame seeds
      10 g shredded coconut

1. coconut milk, milk boil.

2. After the glutinous rice flour, dip in flour, cornstarch first sieve, add sugar, then add into the vessel (1) to not stir up particles.
3. Place (2) steam for 10 minutes or until batter becomes dough. (Used chopsticks test stick indicates Nuisance already cooked)

4. Place the stuffing mix all together.

5. Let cool until dough, remove the right amount of dough package into the filling, stained Serve cooked glutinous rice flour.

Wen Yin Tip:
1. The material to be mixed individually to avoid seeding.
Nuisance Han will be a sticky when wet with cold water wet 2. spoonable dough.
3. The dough can be put on paper preservation bunk flat, after put fillings, would be more likely than the average to obtain the same bunk.
4. Clean regard, the dough will be sticky solid containers, first with flooding for a while, it would be easier to clean.


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