Black sesame pumpkin bread


400g pumpkin
Glutinous rice flour 400g
1 tablespoon sugar
Little raisins


Black sesame seeds 1 cup
1 cup sugar
50g butter


1. Peel the pumpkin chunks,
Wash black sesame fried,
Conditioning machine with black sesame seeds and stir into the black sesame powder.

2. pumpkin glutinous rice flour with sugar and knead.
** Glutinous rice flour is preferably added slowly, because every time the water is not the same as eating pumpkin Rong.
Knead dough until pumpkin Rong left the hardness can be.

3. Prepare the filling - cream melt with water heating mode, and black sesame stir together flour and sugar, into the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

4. Take the right amount of filling on the dough package black sesame pumpkin
Knead spherical
Pressure on the ball with a knife blade in a few marks
Middle put raisins

5. Use medium heat 7 minutes.
** Steaming time depends on the size of the packet to determine the pumpkin,
The back pack with dumplings almost.