Bean curd stick pot belly sheep


1 1/2 pounds of belly sheep
5-6 slices ginger
1 green onion
Bean curd stick random
A little pepper
5-6 bay leaves
Octagon Little


Teriyaki sauce 150 g
10 grams sugar


1, ginger and green onion cut alternate
2, Bean curd stick with hot water alternate
3, sheep belly boil water reserve
4, open the fire, put the olive oil, pot heat, add ginger and green onion and saute,
5, into the belly sheep, plus a glass of water, then add pepper, bay leaves, star anise, sugar and Teriyaki sauce, water should be added to the overshadowed the most of the ingredients, cover
6, after the water boils, turn small fire stew 1 hour 30 minutes
7, Add 10 minutes will be completed Bean curd stick, cover, etc.