Cream Cheese Italian ham baked rice


Italian rice 300 g
1/3 red pepper
Yellow pepper 1/3
1/3 green pepper
1/3 onion
Round Italian ham random
Bacon 2
Shredded cheese random


A, 1 teaspoon salt

B, a little olive oil
      1 teaspoon salt

1, with a pot, open the fire, add 500 ml of water and seasonings B, after the rice into the boiling water and cook for 10 minutes, remove the cooked, add a little olive oil stirred alternate
2, the onion, green pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper and bacon, chopped back
3, open the fire, put a little olive oil, onion, green pepper, yellow pepper, red pepper and bacon into the saute, turn small fire, add WHIPPING CREAM and seasonings A, slowly mix
4. Pour the cooked cream Italian rice, mix well
5, the surface of the meter placed Italian ham, add the shredded cheese
6. Preheat oven to 150 degrees 10 minutes
7. Bake in 150 degree oven for 10 minutes will be completed