Egg ham corn bread salad


250 g flour
Water 100 g
20 g sugar
Salt 5 g
Olive oil 20 g
5 g yeast
Roux 50 grams Roux Starter practice

Two eggs
The right amount of corn kernels
Ham 1
Salad dressing

Salad practices:

1, first cooked eggs and corn,
2, the eggs peeled and chopped
3, ham, chopped
4 eggs, corn, ham and salad dressing by stirring alternate


1, within the toaster water and olive oil was added first, then put the flour into,
And sugar, salt were placed at the four corners,
Finally, the yeast should be placed central,

Press the select function 8 (dough production), and then start, about 25 minutes. 1 hour after the completion of the fermentation after removal, etc.

2. Remove the dough is pressed and 6 parts of the exhaust air,

3. Remove the salad, and then wrap the dough, and press to no interface

4, wait 15 minutes

5, coated with egg mixture in dough

6, after fermentation, preheat the oven 10 minutes

7, put the dough into the oven, use upper and lower heater bake 10 minutes (150 degrees) will be completed