Chocolate Cake

Cake material:

100 g flour
Chocolate powder 10g
Chocolate oil 10g
Milk 50g
3 egg yolks
Olive oil 30g
Sugar 20g
Baking powder 7g

Cream Material:

Protein 3
Sugar 20 G

Cream practices:

1. Remove the protein (not a little egg yolk)
2. Beat egg whites bubble, then add the first sugar (sugar added four times), they start to continue playing bubble
3, repeat the above action until the sugar into the whole, should be like after the completion of the figure below, can have a spoon can stand aside

4, the cake material into the pan
     (Order: egg yolks, milk, chocolate oil, chocolate powder, olive oil, sugar, flour, baking powder)
     (Baking powder, flour and chocolate powder to be sifted)

5, after slowly stirring until the paste into
6, and then the whipped cream into the pan 3 minutes and stirred
7, stir well, put the paste into the mold
8. Preheat oven 180 degrees 10 minutes
9, the mold into the oven, drain and bake at 180 degrees for 35 minutes after the oven to stop five minutes and then removed, the cake part is completed