Chocolate Chiffon Cake


Egg yolk paste
4 egg yolks
Colza oil 50cc
Milk 60cc
Chocolate 15g
Low-gluten flour 45g
15g cocoa powder
Protein paste
Protein 4
White sugar 65g


6 "a chiffon cake mold


1, after the egg yolk into the pot, add vegetable seed oil, mixing with a whisk.
2, mix milk into step 1. The low-gluten flour mix cocoa powder sifted twice altogether. Add egg yolk in the flour paste, then mix well with a whisk.
3, stirring with whisk protein, so when you open a white foam, pour sugar twice. When there is a little heavy protein paste weight and glossy presentation is complete. (You can also turn steel pots, protein will not swipe.)
4, 1/3 of the cream into the egg yolk protein paste, stirring with a whisk until no lumps carve. Repeat these steps for the remaining meringue twice.
5, the batter is poured into a mold from a higher place. Surface smooth batter with a rubber spatula.
  Placed in a preheated 180 degree oven to bake for 25 minutes. carry out