Eggs, milk pudding


Jelly powder 35 grams,
53 grams sugar,
Animal whipped cream 178 grams,
86㏄ cold water,
53 grams of milk powder,
614㏄ water,
55 grams egg yolk,
The right amount of liquid caramel


1. Cook until the liquid amber caramel, hot load model containers.
2. Place the jelly powder and sugar into the steel pot and mix well.
3. Place the milk, animal whipped cream, cold water was added steel pot, stirring in the same manner as the direction and mix well.
4. In a small fire in the stirred slurry mixing method in the same direction cook about 90 ℃, unseen until the powder particles.
5. Add egg yolk
6. mixing method in the same direction it will mix, pudding is liquid. Into the model container, let cool in the refrigerator after Refrigerate until coagulation status can be presented.