Black and white sesame bread scallions


250 grams of flour
Kwong Wan 2 g
18 grams sugar
165 g of water
3 g yeast
Oil 15 g
Black and white sesame amount

The kinds of soup, olive oil, milk, flour, sugar, salt and yeast in order, into the toaster, press 'Make dough'
  Remove the dough will be completed, pressing the dough for 10 minutes, back into the toaster fermentation 1 hour

Join stuffing: scallions, salt, oil, black pepper

Mix well, remove the dough into 6 parts, made into a spherical
Placed on the oven tray (between each spherical stay small Xu space), etc., etc. 15-30 minutes to relax the dough
Dough coated with egg mixture
Preheat oven to 150 degrees 10 minutes
The dough into, baked 20 minutes to 150 degrees will be completed