Chinese recipes - meat ball with soy sauce


300 g ground pork
10 quail eggs
A teaspoon minced garlic
Half an onion - chopped
Five mushrooms - chopped
Fried powder amount

Frying oil:


A tablespoon oyster sauce
Half teaspoon oil
A teaspoon pepper
A teaspoon allspice
A tablespoon Rice Wine
A little sesame oil
A teaspoon cornflour


A bowl of water
A tablespoon Rice Wine
One tablespoon soy sauce
A teaspoon oyster sauce
A teaspoon pepper
A tablespoon of ketchup
A teaspoon of sugar
Half teaspoon oil


1) Wash and boil the quail eggs, peeled spare.
2) The ground pork, chopped onion, chopped mushrooms and more seasoning mix into the meat.
3) an appropriate amount of meat on the palm of your hand, the one quail egg in the middle, wrap.
4) and then with the palm of the force truss, let the meat solid.
5) After the completion of all, into the refrigerator for two hours, after twist out in a circle, making it more round.
6) glue powder, a small fire slowly fry until golden, Dish and drain.
7) leaving a little oil, saute garlic, will be a good tune sauce into the pot, then wok fried meatball, built lid, over medium heat, and cook until the sauce to dry.