Purple sweet potato bread


Flour Group:

200 g flour
Milk 110 g
2 g yeast
10 grams of sugar

Purple dough:

125 g flour
Milk 40 grams
2 g yeast
10 grams of sugar
Steamed purple sweet potato 75 g

I was making dough bread machine, so make good dough simple, as long as the white and purple dough produced separately,

Once you've created the dough with plastic wrap, placed in a warm place to ferment 1 hour

After removing the group flour (20 g) dough wrapped in purple (15 g) outside

Gently on the surface cut a "cross-shaped"

After the hot pot, put the dough into the steam for 20 minutes, three minutes off the fire after opening the cover, etc. can be completed

By: Betty