Rose Cookies

You can create a little something for the Mother's Day


Low-gluten flour 150g
Butter 60g
Egg 32g
30g caster sugar
Red strawberry powder  10 g
(About 20 roses)

Oven: 180 degrees 15-18 minutes Middle


1, after the release of the butter soften at room temperature, add caster sugar with a whisk until light and creamy white soft body
2. Gradually add the egg mixture with a whisk sent to the full integration
3. Sift flour
4. Add Red strawberry powder
5, stirring with a rubber spatula until no powder, into the group can
6, pressing the dough to 3 mm thick
7, round dough with a round mold print
8, as shown successively take four round overlap
9, will be taken up by the next round up gently
10, with a knife in the middle of the cut on the knife
11, put shut down, use your fingers to gently sort out each petal
12, followed by the rest of the flowers do, into the oven, 180 degrees, 15-18 minutes to complete