Chocolate Almond Cookies


Pinch of salt
60 g sugar
1 egg yolk
30 g cocoa powder
80 g almond slices
Unsalted butter 120 g
180 g flour


1) the softened butter into a container and stir into creamy, add salt first and then sent three times to add sugar fluffy.

2) add egg yolk continued stirring, after the addition of a third of the sifted flour and stir until no pink so far.

3) add the remaining flour and cocoa powder, stir, after the addition of almonds, knead group

4) After the dough twist shape to cling to wrap into the refrigerator for 15-30 minutes.

5) After 30 minutes, remove the dough. Roll the dough into 4 cm cylindrical shape and then wrap the fresh frozen.

6) hardens removed, cut with a knife on a sheet of about 0.5 cm wide arrangement pan, bake at 180 degrees, about 10-15 minutes.