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paternity making Bacon PIZZA

Today, rain can not go to school, at home and my daughter do small handmade, daughter rewarding, also eat a happy, everyone can try, really had a good time today


250 g flour
20 g sugar
5 g of salt
Olive oil 28 g
5 g yeast
Roux  40 g  Roux practices
Milk 70 g
1 egg

Sausage 2
Bacon 2
20 g corn kernels
Ketchup 10 g
With cheese 20 g
Garlic 4


1, the first egg, soup and milk species added to the toaster, then into the flour,
The sugar, salt and olive oil were placed at the four corners,
Finally, to be placed in the center of yeast,

Press the select function 8 (dough making), and then start, about 25 minutes.

2, cigarette meat, sausage, onion and chopped garlic

3. Remove the dough is divided into 4 parts, pressed into round

4, the first surface coated with tomato sauce,
     Sausage, bacon, corn, onion and garlic on the surface, sprinkle with cheese and finally

5, preheat oven to 150 degrees 10 minutes

6. Bake in the preheated oven PIZZA 150 degrees 20 minutes will be completed

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