Crystal dumplings

Forelegs ground meat 300 g
1 tsp salt
White pepper to taste
Horseshoe 50 grams
50 g of corn
Cucumber 50 grams
Carrots 50 grams

250 g cornstarch
Hot water (about 90 ℃) 200 Ke

The right amount of salad oil

1) Add the ground meat sauce with vigorous stirring to sticky.

2) shredding chestnut, corn, cucumber, carrot mix that is added to ground meat in the stuffing. Cold standby.

3) put the cornstarch bowl, pour hot water into, and immediately stirred into the group with chopsticks. Stir

4) cover, put not hot, and you can rub. Then the table will be sticky sticky is normal, then rub evenly on the handle sticky blew the dough.

5) the dough generously with salad, twisted sticks shape.

6) Take the right amount, not cut the dough with the pot covered to avoid drying.

7) put the dough on the plastic bag to wipe oil, crushed with a knife, like a dumpling skin about the size.

8) put 12 g filling in the skin.

9) Fold wrap, clenched interface

10) steam water is boiling, crystal dumplings cage on the disc even to 10 minutes on medium heat.

By: Betty