Fried steak with black pepper sauce


Steak 2
A little ginger
Spring onion

Droplets tune material:

A, 1 tablespoon red wine
Half teaspoon of salt
SODA POWER half teaspoon
Half teaspoon pepper

B, 1 tablespoon black pepper sauce
1 tablespoon water


1, steak with seasoning A seasoning, put ginger and onions, and so on for 20 minutes, standby

2, B seasoning mix alternate

3, complete steak seasoning, ginger and onions removed

4, with a frying pan, medium heat, add a little olive oil, oil heat, add steak

5, the steak fry until golden brown on both sides, into the mix of black pepper sauce, steak waiting absorption is completed

6, according to personal preference, put like Aquatica

By: Betty