Strawberry Cake


A. 90 grams of low-gluten flour
15 grams of corn flour
Baking powder 3 g
Milk 60 grams
60 grams of salad oil
100 grams of egg yolk
A little vanilla extract

B. 200 grams of protein
100 grams of fine sugar
10 grams of cream of tartar


Strawberry 400 grams
300 g whipped cream
The right amount of chocolate


1 A material of low-gluten flour, cornmeal, baking powder sifted together steel pot, added sequentially added to other materials A and mix well.

2 B material together into the steel pot, to play picks up when the front end of the rigid foam 1/3 state was curved.

3 Take 2 1/3 approach into practice in a mix, then add the remaining 2 2/3 practice mix again.

4 3 Average poured two practices cake model, after smoothing over the fire moved into the preheated oven 180 ℃, under fire 150 ℃ bake about 20 minutes.

5 4 Remove practice, flip stand until completely cooled, cut each into 3 after releasing the same thickness of the wafer.

6 Take a 5 Wafer cakes practice for the bottom, evenly with the right amount of cream (about 80 grams), even rafts diced strawberries (about 100 grams), and then covered with a wafer cake, fresh cast Continued diced strawberry cream on side by side, and finally covered with a final wafer cake.

7 6 practice surface evenly with whipped cream, sprinkle with the bottom edge of the ring color chocolate 1 meter, then squeezed into the top layer of whipped cream, strawberries decorated rafts, each cut of 12 tablets.

By: Daisy