117 grams of fine sugar
30 grams of water
60 grams egg yolk
333 grams of cream cheese
15 g gelatin sheets
25 grams of lemon juice
Animal whipped cream 400 g
Chocolate Cake 1
The right amount of sugar and coffee liquor
Cocoa powder amount


1 blisters soft gelatine sheet of ice to spare.

After 2 fine sugar, low heat and bring to boil water from the fire.

3 egg yolks sent, showed the material is divided into 2 sub-practice mix to cool.

4 will be graded after soaked gelatine sheets and Cream Cheese mix, practices and materials mix together 3, separated on ice to make it solid.

Then add 5 to 6 dozen animal cream distribution, namely mousse fillings.

6 After the chocolate cake cut into two, each brush on sugar and coffee liquor after whichever one square into a mold, then pour the mousse filling practices 5, then put another piece of cake, then pour after mousse filling, sprinkle with cocoa powder on the surface, can be placed in the freezer.