Salt and pepper eel ball


Boneless eel 300 grams
Egg 1/3 tablets
200 grams of cornstarch
8 grams of chilli
10 grams of garlic
4 grams of chopped green onion
Crisp garlic 35 grams


15 grams of salt
20 grams sugar
Salt and pepper powder 25 grams

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1. eel oblique cross cut knife, then cut into small pieces, add egg, salt, stir together the sugar and let stand for about 15 minutes to marinate tasty.
2. After the eel pieces evenly stick wrapped in cornstarch, add about 85 ℃ to pan fry until cooked in the fire, picked up on plate.
3. wok, saute pepper grains, after garlic, green onion, eel into pieces, then salt and pepper and mix well together, and finally the crisp garlic can be placed on top.